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Fueling the next wave of computing

UW-Madison Center Educating, Facilitating, Accelerating and Inspiring the Next Wave of  Disruptive Computing

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Computing innovation is suffering from a tech talent shortage,  a disconnect between research and industry, and a lack of applied skill learning. To address this, N+1 offers a new model of tech education that blends applied learning, advanced research, and innovation. N+1 takes a collaborative approach—students, faculty, and industries—creating a community to bring transformational innovation to its full potential.

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With 4,900 students, growing at a rate of 25% a year – UW is a fast-growing leader in computer and data sciences. #1 in Logic & Verification, #1 in Storage Systems, #3 in Programming Languages, #4 in Computer Architecture, Databases, #6 in Operating Systems, #8 in Visualization. With high national rankings and a rapidly expanding student body, the future is made here.

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Over 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years alone. The pace of change in disruptive technology advancements has dramatically increased and will continue at a blistering pace. Novel innovations like Artificial General Intelligence, Edge Computing, and Web3 are poised to revolutionize every industry, company, and city by creating more intelligent and data-driven processes and results. Now, we must turn that data into knowledge and innovation to enhance the rhythms of everyday life.

N+1 Institute in the News

The N+1 Institute is officially launching on May 6, 2024! Check back for photos from the launch event and more details about our progress in the coming months.


Discruptive technologies have the potential to materially change our world. From real-time personalized efficacy tracking in drug discovery to personalized healthcare delivery to AI/ML enabling faster and more accurate treatment diagnosis, the potential for saving human lives is enormous. Smart cities, enabled by smart homes and buildings can create a safer and more efficient living environment for the world’s populations while preserving our valuable natural resources. The Internet of autonomous things has the potential to materially save lives and lower costs as machines perform accident-prone tasks more efficiently and safely without humans on board. Recent breakthroughs in Large Language Model Artificial Intelligence are changing how we think about productivity and automation. With the decentralized Internet, people, machines, and businesses will be able to trade value, information, and work with global counterparts they don’t know or explicitly trust, without an intermediary – massively altering global commerce. It is now clear to us that some of the greatest human advancements are within our grasp.

The N+1 Institute strives to discover the full potential of disruptive technologies through focused, collaborative approaches to applied learning, commercialized research, and entrepreneurship. Bringing together students, researchers, and industry partners, we envision the institute can fuel innovation and thought leadership worldwide. By cultivating a new business-minded tech talent workforce and closing the gap between research and industry, we can bring about a more connected, safer, and efficient society for us all.


The N+1 Institute at UW-Madison fuels innovation through a community of students, researchers, and companies to enable the next wave of disruptive computing.  The N+1 Institute strives to transform education and research in ways that can not only prepare industries for disruptive technologies but enable them to reach new limits.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • advance the scope of research and applications by promoting unique research-industry collaborations 
  • offer a new model of tech education that blends applied learning and entrepreneurial skills 
  • accelerate innovation across industries through next gen applications 
  • facilitate a broad innovation ecosystem that fosters new ideas, new products and new businesses

At N+1, we build learning pathways and collaborations that promote tech innovation and entrepreneurial growth. With an emphasis on applied learning and research embedded around applied business areas, our students are set to become a more capable, forward-thinking tech talent workforce. By fostering new models of engagement for industries and research we can both expand how widely technologies are applied and how widely applications bring industry, education, and our society into the future.

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Our unique blend of students, faculty, industry pioneers, and early adopters fuels a new approach to innovation. Research leads to groundbreaking tech advancements, education builds the skills needed to lead us forward, and industry collaboration bridges the gap between raw technology and use-inspired application. N+1 at UW-Madison is building a better future.   

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